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Mar 5, 2012 5:00pm EST
on an indiana field friday hours after a tornado killed her parents and two siblings. by sunday she lost all brain function her heartbroken grandmother agreed to have her removed from life support. >> reporter: mother nature not giving the folks in henryville indiana a break a blanket of wet snow covering the rubble left behind after tornadoes slammed into the tiny town. the twister packing 170-mile per hour winds, flattened homes and businesses, the clean up in kentucky is under way, folks sifting through piles of debris they used to call homes, neighbors coming together to help each other out. >> makes me want to cry at the same time makes me happy knowing that there is this many people reaching out to those in need. >> national weather service confirming ef 2 tornado touched down in this tennessee town at 300-yards wide and standing 7 miles, the massive twister covered plenty of terrain. >> very unfortunate it came through the middle of the town but fortunate it didn't intensify until it got past the most populated areas. >> tornado blamed for damage suffered in mecklenburg count
Mar 22, 2012 5:00pm EDT
showers? it's a line of showers and thunderstorms coming in to illinois, indiana, down through parts of kentucky and tennessee. and that is that slow moving storm system and it will be getting here by saturday, lingering through on sunday and that is the change we're talking about in terms of what will be coming this weekend. no big surprises in the forecast for the last few days. check out the temperatures, especially culpeper, 84, fredericksburg, 83; here in town where we should be, about 76 degrees. and that is some 20 degrees above where we should be this time of the year, and frederick is no close to 80 degrees. i think we will do it tomorrow. i think for tomorrow, we'll have more sunshine and we'll start off milder. so, therefore, here in the city tomorrow, we're talking lower 80s to the south-southwest and i think easily into the mid-80s and warmer than that considering today with limited sunshine down there, they're already into the mid-80s and real, real good, kind of putting a period on the workweek and the changes this weekend. we'll talk about that full forecast in a few. br
Mar 26, 2012 5:00pm EDT
and you quickly find marie from indiana. she said the law shouldn't stand. >> because it's not constitutional, number one, and because it was run through in a horrible way that it was done, number two, because they are going to be rationing and it's going to be winners and losers. >> i'm a rebel rouser and want of peace and justice. healthcare for everybody. >> the large every the government, the -- larger the government, the lesser my individual freedom and liberty. >> reporter: many waited in line for tickets. >> you got my tickets. >> reporter: he is on a father- son trip to d.c. >> and he'll have the opportunity to one day tell people he was there when they argued the case. i'm an individual who believes the less government in people alives, the better and so both sides of the argument. this is one of the cases where we have a broken healthcare system and need to find a solution. >> reporter: the police stood close by but there was no trouble. 120 members of the public got inside the buildings here all of today's arguments and these folks lined up are all ready waiting to g
Mar 30, 2012 5:00pm EDT
extends from northern ohio back into indiana. all of this is severe. there's a frontal system out here. colder and dryer air behind and picking up moisture ahead of it. so that's the real dynamic area of showers and thunderstorms and eventually, that will come on through overnight tonight, early tomorrow morning, but we do not think it's going to be this strong. as a matter of fact, we'll end up with rain out of this and more rain in the deep south coming out of alabama into georgia. and this is where the real heavy rain is. the real heavy stuff. again, this stays to the south of us. we don't need to worry about that at all. tomorrow morning, we are talking about clouds. spotty shower is possible. mostly cloudy at noon. 62. and afternoon tomorrow, it looks like the skies will brighten and will be in good shape. as we get into sunday, looking pretty good. clouds will be on the increase late sunday afternoon, but we'll stay dry for sunday. high temperature close to 70 degrees. on monday morning, we'll have a few showers there and with sunshine in the afternoon on monday, temperatures wil
Mar 23, 2012 5:00pm EDT
virginia now. the bulk is into western ohio, indiana, the center of the storm is still farther back out to the west and that is right there over kansas city and saint louis and can you see it sitting and spinning. that moved about 350 miles in the last five days. okay and that is a real slow mover. not much and that looks like it's going to come across the weekend and that is what is going to bring us a chance for the rain tomorrow and on sunday. i don't think that is a washout but if you have plans, especially tomorrow, that we'll take you outdoors and you need to plan for it. i assume the spring games starting, whether they're soccer or whatnot, they'll be rained out tomorrow, especially with thunder in the area and with 80 in the city, i have looked so far. the high is 81. we may have touched 82. when the official high comes out, i will let you know and monasses, 82. , dulles, 82; culpepper and fredericksburg, they have had no problems today getting up into the mid-80s and as brian mentioned, by the water, which is very, very typical this time of the year, it's going to be cooler
Mar 2, 2012 5:00pm EST
, that southern ohio, down through southern parts of indiana. and then into kentucky. that high risk means that there is a very, very high threat. not only of just severe weather, but they are talking about the possibility of active large, long living tornadoes and unfortunately, that is happening. now, the emphasis of this today, i do believe, is beginning to shift down to the south. it looks like the severe thunderstorms and these particular tornadoes are happening further to the south. we want to show you some pictures. these are just coming in to us and this is outside of madison, alabama, and as i look at the radar right now, keep the pictures going. they've had numerous reports of hail. i already saw a hail report out of alabama of over 4 inches with the size of hail. that takes it up to and over the size of a softball. that means an incredible amount of lifting going on in the atmosphere and those storms down there this afternoon and evening are rotating and very, very dangerous. of course, this would be moderate damage. i think again, they are going to see more and more of th
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6